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Rain 🚱 @grainloom

More libc ideas:

region locked libc
libc with DRM extensions
LaaS (libc as a service)

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@grainloom libc bundling
libc "fast lane"
libc Unlimited*

libc with EULA 👿
libc that does that remote bricking BS that Google did with that home automation thingy

You had me going for a second... Hillarious!

@grainloom I have an idea: libc loot boxes! Open (either by paying or grinding) loot boxes to get a random standard library function!

@grainloom libcoin, you have to mine some amount of cryptocurrency for each function you want to use

@grainloom i… i've actually kinda thought about doing *something* like this…

basically some form of server, language agnostic, where you can plop your …thing… into and others can CONSUME it — regardless of programming language.

@grainloom What about we make things works with a POSIX libc like musl before starting theses ?

@lanodan_tmp Hmmm :thaenkin: .
I'm not sure we can get investors excited with that.
Maybe once we have some ad money we can start implementing actually useful features 👍