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Srsly, having /sys/src on Plan 9 is the best thing ever, you want an example on how to handle window resize events? Grep/read through /sys/src/games*.c.They are fairly small files and mostly cleanly written.
Idk how I'd do the same on Arch without a web connection. Maybe Gentoo has stg similar?

@grainloom you could probably automate something with ABS

Rain 🚱 @grainloom

@KevinMGranger tbh I don't want the entire history of every project ever on my machine.
At least that's how most packages I use seem to be built and I hate it already. There is 0 reason to download the entire history when all I need is a branch's tip or a tagged release. It's mostly not a huge deal, but if you try to build from source, hooooooooooooooooo boi.

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