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foss is a failed ideology because it always had fucked up social and moral priorities. it only ever empowered privileged tech nerds and never achieved anything more than piracy didn鈥檛 also do.

for real, I can swear that 90% of the refurbished pcs from your non profit that you installed some linux distro on and gave to people ended up with a cracked version of windows xp installed by someone else after 3 months because it was too fucky/the software didn鈥檛 run.

I have nothing against the idea of free and open source software but it doesn鈥檛 deserve meaningful consideration until the individual and organisational figures of the movement retire permanently and are replaced by people who aren鈥檛 cishet white nerds who think the root of all evil is the windows vista calculator they can鈥檛 see the source code of rather than capitalism at large.

free software politics 

@Siph I'm not an FSF or RMS fan and don't want him back, just wanna point out that at least RMS specifically does criticise capitalism (or at least its current form):

There was also a very good article from Africans doing some... idk, I think agriculture and mapping related stuff, that argued very strongly in favor of developing open source software instead of paying for closed source licenses, both to keep money local instead of funneling it to European companies, and because it enriches the commons.
Sadly I can't find the link right now, but I'm pretty sure I saved it somewhere, so I can dig it up if you want. I also have a good guess as to who shared it, but can't remember the exact spelling of their username, but I could dig harder if needed.

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free software politics 

@Siph Basically my point is that "free software is a failed ideology" is a stretch.

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