Github has really jumped the shark, they won't even display a proper ssh git address anymore...

@requiem Now is the age of hosting your own gitea... or community ones you trust.

The silos will never be your friend.

@thegibson agreed, I’ve went full-circle with this. What sent me back to GitHub was the need to collaborate with people who only use GitHub.

Damned network effect.


@requiem @TheGibson Both for issue tracking and code contributions?
Things like debbugs or the sourcehut equivalent only require an email address, which I'm sure github users also have.

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@requiem @TheGibson

Hmm. Firewalls again.
The compassion fatigue thing is a good point.

My current approach is to keep my Github account but minimize its use and both have a nice little note about ICE in my bio and at least mention that I'd prefer communicating on a better platform when I'm on an issue tracker.
For contributing to other people's code I just find an email address in the git log and send a patch.

The same approach might not work if you need to use it a lot, but keeping some of the pressure up (like bringing alternatives up on issue trackers in a non-offputting way) could help dismantle their power.

@grainloom @thegibson I like this, maybe it’s time to try to break away again.

@requiem @grainloom @thegibson I was planning on emailing a patch to a GH project's maintainer, like, "take it or leave it." iunno :blob_neutral_face: it's supported natively by git, so...

@theruran @requiem @TheGibson Last time I did that the person accepted it. I think it was for that Picard audio tagging thingy.

@theruran @requiem @TheGibson
Also I have semi official confirmation from staff that even if your contribution arrives through a channel other than a merge request, you will still get the bounty.
So it's not like 3rd party services must strictly rely on Github either.

@requiem @grainloom @TheGibson yeah I feel the same way. I made a Gitea to get around github’s stupid LFS rentseeking, but moving anything there I want collaboration on is just too much of a pain. Plus there’s no good CI solution for not-GitHub that doesn’t require self hosting my own windows/macOS box

@requiem @grainloom @TheGibson I have decided I’ll never give GitHub money, with the exception of when I went over the free LFS bandwidth limit and had to pay $5 to get my assets out of limbo which I’m still mad about

@grainloom @requiem @thegibson This. I host our own Sourcehut install and it's been great. I also donate to the project in both money and patches.

I much prefer to support that project than to use GH just because "everyone else is" and most are too lazy to take the 30 seconds needed to configure their mail host in their ~/.gitconfig.

If people actually want to collaborate with our projects, they'll do so. So far, it hasn't been a huge blocker for us.

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