> Let's talk about safety of
<<... I'm trying to be a bit inflamatory here, to start the conversation. Nevertheless, the above issues are real. It's really just a numbers game. When the distros will not take safety seriously, by planing for it, testing for it, and verifying the mechanisms they are supposed to ensure are in place for the safety of their users, the odds somehting will happen will stay needlessly high.

Also, don't be a person whose house burns down for FOSS. Ask your favorite distribution's authors what they're doing to make their OS safe. Pine64 itself can only go so far to ensure safety of Pinephone, software you put on your Pinephone matters a lot, too!>>

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I've seen this sentiment a few times recently. I have some honest questions:

Are people using the pinephone as more than a buggy "alpha" stage product that is a stepping stone to an ideal? Are they using it as their daily real-world phones?

Are the security issues better or worse than android/ios? Are they easy to exploit? Is there not some safety in the small, obscure nature of the device?

@polyphonic This isn't as much about security as about physical safety.
These are issues that have to be fixed regardless of how people are using it.

@polyphonic Idk if you've read the whole thing, but the gist of it is that for months distros were shipping a kernel with thermal regulation disabled.

@grainloom ohh, yeah I can see the issue there.

I didn't realize you were being literal when you mentioned someone's house "burning down for foss".

I appreciate open source and having choices, but this is a situation where yeah, I might think twice about changing the supported firmware

@polyphonic well, that's a quote, i didn't write this. but yeah.

@grainloom #pinephone
Thanks for the writeup and warning!

Are these points already ducumented / verified elsewhere?

I'll later have a look at #mobian issues. Is there a shortcut to verify whether some oft the problems have already been worked on, @mobian?

@chrichri it's a quote, i didn't write this. hence the ">" and "<<" ">>".

@grainloom Thanks for clarifying. Already wondered why your name doesn't connect to the name from the webpage ;-). Anyway, thanks for bringing it to attention!

@grainloom The odds will stay needlessly high and still pretty low, as long as you have higher powered electric devices (as in having a kitchen) or a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the house, the PinePhone is unlikely to be your greatest fire hazard. But still, if it’s easy to fix it should be fixed. What’s the state in #HuongTramLinux, @danct12?

@therealraccoon @grainloom Things like that...
But yes, there are lots of unknowns effects, undocumented HW devices, and too few people who know these SOCs very well.

@grainloom the author of the post has provided fixes to enable the battery temperature monitoring and charging regulation based on temperature thresholds defined in the Pinephone battery specification. And enabled the emergency shutdown:

this is at p-boot level.

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