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@feonixrift @grainloom I don't think energy efficiency was every much of a focus for Erlang, it's more about robustness and concurrency.

Footnote: "Erlang" is the dimensionless unit for "number of concurrent phone calls".
@feonixrift @grainloom Ericsson runs a mix of Java and Erlang on their telephone switches. 😁

With no figures in front of me, I'd assume that Java is more efficient than Erlang when CPU-bound, but Erlang is faster at doing nothing and easier to program for highly concurrent situations and I/O situations.

I'm now imagining a number 2-3x slower than C for Erlang, but I may be making it up. Java is more like 10% slower than C for the average situation, at least once you've warmed up your VM.

@clacke @grainloom I will confess to still taking digs at java despite my mental benchmarks being a decade out of date.

@feonixrift @grainloom Yeah, a lot happened since the 90s. πŸ˜€

JS JITs are pretty amazing too. There are problems with how JS is used, and there are problems with the language itself, but raw CPU-bound performance in tight loops with local variables isn't it.

@clacke @grainloom :points at calendar: one decade, not two. :P But yeah, it's a new world, and I'm out of date.

@feonixrift @grainloom I was subtly insinuating that you're more out of date than you think. πŸ˜€

HotSpot came out in 1999 and made most of the difference.

@clacke @grainloom @feonixrift Are JITs not outside the scope of IOT though, as they effectively trade memory/swap for CPU, and IOT tend to have little RAM and no swap?

@cathal @grainloom @feonixrift That's a good question. I get the impression that embedded devices these days have unreasonable amounts of processing power and memory, but I hope someone actually in the business can give us the correct answer.
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