This captures why I've largely lost interest in developing for the web: It feels like any work I put into it is furthering Google's agenda, similar to how making iOS apps is furthering Apple's.

Working on native GTK apps, on the other hand, feels like I'm helping create a credible ethical alternative to those agendas.

@tbernard I couldn’t agree more! I’m also very excited about technologies that allow to synchronise devices locally (e.g. Computer and phone)

Why would I need a server to synchronise which podcast I read, or how many pages I read in my ebook?

If it sounds like Bonsai, that’s because it’s exactly what I have in mind


@thibaultamartin @tbernard what's Bonsai? it's pretty hard to websearch for it.

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@grainloom Introduction to Bonsai:

The actual repository:

Please don't ask the author about that pet project. It's a very promising one, but Christian is already working on a lot of cool stuff and doesn't have much time to spend on Bonsai :)

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