hm. looked a bit into how UBPorts updates things. seems Snap based? hmm. not a fan of that. not a fan at all.
let's try postmarketOS with Phosh.

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@grainloom Technically not actually snap based, but snaps (and Ubuntu Core) are an evolution of the concept, yeah.

Transactional updates and image deltas are pretty nice for phone-type things.

@RAOF oh sure, but i'd rather use Guix for that.
i also wanna try non-snap packages and it only lets you install those in this thing called Libertine which is basically an Ubuntu chroot. i don't wanna waste extra space with that.

@grainloom You can (or, at least, could) ignore the strident warnings and set writable-root to install stuff with apt outside the libertine chroot.

Of course that also makes image updates a bit dangerous for you, as you no longer have a known base-state, but πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

@grainloom Just everybody use OSTree and FlatPak already. It's the Guix/Nix for mortals.
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