Someone explained to me that ticket vending machines on public transit vehicles in Szeged need to be rebooted from time to time just like how phones start locking up after a few days of operation and I think that is a perfect snapshot of the horribleness of that people are forced to use and live with.

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They talked about it like it was a basic law of the universe that no software system can stay stable for more than three days.

I should have told them that Android is more advertising platform than operating system.

@grainloom I have a custom embedded web server on a pi3 controlling the local radio station:

nowplaying$ uptime
19:01:02 up 1059 days, 8:00, 3 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

I think my record was like 7 years for a cisco device for which I'd built a custom IOS image "for testing" which of course the customer put into production and never looked at again.

@grainloom ive never had this issue on either of my android phones... i did on both tablets i had but they were like 2012 shit tier devices, my current phone only ever gets restarted once every few months when i either let it run out of battery or am installing updates/new roms and it doesnt run amazingly but its not slow enough to ever be frustrating and doesnt seem to get slower over time powered on, though definitely seems to have slowed down with the latest android update

@pie If this needed to be solved with a hardware upgrade, then it was solved in the most wasteful way possible.

@grainloom i guess the problem with the old tablets is that they were super cheap with super low end hardware when android was designed for the majority of devices that had specs like 16 times higher

people still buy them when they can barely run the os because theyre so cheap

ngl though, comparing hardware specs of iphones and androids for basically the same performance/experience is wild

@pie Hmm, yea, that's also an issue.
Something something Boots Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness.

@pie @grainloom have over 10 Android devices, all kinds, and never experienced this problem of having to reboot after 3 days. Never heard of it from anyone else.

@tomosaigon @pie I've had two and both had issues with stability that were solved by rebooting.

@grainloom Everything is like this these days. ATM machines need reboots, card terminals, everything basically.

I used to work with routers hooked up to mobile network via USB modems. Guess what - even modems themselves hang all the time and require not even reboot but cold reset (powering them down).
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