if you haven't used youtube-dl before, you should look into it or into an mpv based media player.
personally i use Celluloid but i think there are better ones out there.

you can just put a link to a video in the playlist and it will stream it for you, without having to load any of youtube's (or any other website's) tracking stuff.
also no ads! and no youtube comments! it even handles subtitles and stuff.

or if you know the command line a bit, you can use youtube-dl directly to download videos or playlists or even entire channels.
going for a long train ride with no network connectivity? wanna binge Epithet Erased on the ride? or have a local backup of a tech tutorial channel? youtube-dl is the tool you want.

idk what the relevant tags are so i'm just gonna call this a (for Libre Recommendation). see the parent post for all the reasons you should use youtube-dl if you don't already.

@grainloom Another benefit is that if you're on Linux, mpv will give you GPU accelerated decoding, which uses much less battery. Very good for watching videos on a laptop.

@grainloom I should post my python youtube-dl to VLC parser I made months ago here. Gimme a moment鈥

@grainloom Here is it!



1) Set youtubelauncher.py to be executable and run it. You should see a dialog like the one in the shots when it loads.

2) Fill the URL field with the video's link and then click "Update". It will take a while.

3) You'll see that the other fields will be set to "< None >" by default. change those fields to your preferences and needs.

4) Click "Play Video" and enjoy!

@grainloom Also two extra notes because I didn't have enough characters to put them in the original post:

You can also change the network chaching. This is the same argument that is passed to VLC.

And it doesn't currently support already mixed video with audio qualities (The original purpose of the program was so I could watch 60FPS youtube videos on VLC).

@grainloom Need to say that I did end up dissapointed at my own creation because in the end, VLC shits itself when I try to seek forward or back on a Youtube video, it ends up repeating the beginning audioo endlessly while the video is frozen.

@grainloom does it support HD? The firefox plugin I have doesn't download in 1080 or higher.

@geekylou yup, i think by default it downloads in the best quality possible.

which is actually not always what you want if you have an old laptop like i do. but you can ask it to get the best video with some upper limit on its resolution and stuff. same for the audio i think.

@grainloom I've got a script on my Android that takes the thing in the clipboard, and downloads that into Download at <=480p with subtitles and converts it into an mp4. A GODSEND.

I also put together a package for a friend that is just a shell script for their Mac that has youtube-dl and static ffmpeg nearby, that when they double-click it updated ytdl and downloads from the clipboard. They have no idea how to CLI but it still works perfectly for them.

@grainloom 馃崿 Have you had any issues with mps-youtube breaking due to an expired API key lately? That's been a struggle for us. It's otherwise a favourite work of software for us. 馃崿

@grainloom you just reminded me that everyone who isn't using free software can't play Youtube videos natively with just the URL 鈥 pretty much every FOSS player, including VLC and Totem, can

@grainloom youtube-dl is also how you download videos from Twitter, make a local recording of someone else's Twitch stream, save CNN videos, most any site with a video player

@grainloom i've got my browser set up so that i can just hit crtl+shift+v and it'll pop out an MPV with the current youtube video (or i can right click a YT link and tell it to open with MPV), it's really nice for quickly opening a video on my second screen :D (also very good for watching twitch streams if you don't care about the chat)

@grainloom it's crazy how it Just Works 鈩 for many other video sites, too

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