please don't post spotify links in my timeline, thanks.

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@grainloom is this related to something recent? is there an alternative you'd prefer?

@a_bun recent as well as their general goals.
but most recently it is their attempt to take over podcasting, my all time favorite independent media form.
if i see another spotify link to a podcast episode.... :blobglare:

@a_bun for alternatives:
Bandcamp is probably the best right now. But anything works as long as it's not a pile of DRM crap.

@MrControl anything as long as it's not using DRM.

if it works without JavaScript, even better.

@grainloom I mention Funkwhale because it's a fediverse music hosting system, so all music on their instances have Creative Commons licenses. I'd have to double check on javascript, but if I had to guess I'd say they don't have it...

@MrControl "We're sorry but doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue."


@grainloom Well crap. I'll see if I can talk to the devs about it but for now sorry for the wasted effort friend.

@MrControl No prob. It might still work to some degree, which is better than nothing.
Peertube is pretty much just a blank white page with a "sorry, i need JS" text on it. this actually has some content.

@grainloom Have you considered using filters? I was able to hide everything with in it that way for example, to get rid of all those stupid "toots" that are really just relayed tweets. If you make a filter for and uncheck the "Whole Word" option, you should have peace forever.
Remember, on the Fediverse, you can be in control of your timeline. :)

@Mayana that's not the issue.
i trust people to have the decency to not advertise monopolies that are aggressively destroying the world of independent podcasting.

@grainloom Well ... no offense, but I think you're placing too much trust in people. Warnings like yours are certainly nice and should be sent out from time to time, but there is a lot of users on the Fediverse, and unfortunately, most of them just do not care.
You could also set the filter to hide posts with Spotify links in them on public timelines, but not on your home timeline. That way you see less of the content you don't care about, but can still warn people you follow.

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