First, right off the bat sites seem to fall into 3 categories:

- Blank white screens (45%)
- Sites with some things but most content doesn't load (50%)
- Sites that still mostly work (extremely rare, maybe 4%)
- Sites that fully work (less than 1%)

This differs a bit from my own experience, I mean, as much as was looking forward to complain about this, I've found that the majority of the sites I visit work mostly fine without js.

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@neauoire You must visit mainly visit a specific set of websites. I've tried using no js for a day or two and had to disable it for every other website, because they were pretty much useless.

@neauoire Anything with a YouTube video, Instagram, Netflix, Protonmail, Soundcloud, EZ Planck Configurator, Dropbox, Google Drive, Pinterest,, Mastodon, Bandcamp, and on and on and on


@rostiger @neauoire Mastodon has pure HTML/CSS and native clients (BRUTALDON is my fave, even though it has some bugs). YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp can be consumed with youtube-dl and anything based on it. (eg.: mpv and libmpv based players like Celluloid)
No uploads or logins though. (I messaged Bandcamp about their use of reCAPTCHA but they didn't even reply)

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@rostiger @neauoire also works without JS. I usually use that to browse youtube and Celluloid to play the videos/playlists. (and youtube-dl to download things)

It's sadder that Peertube has no equivalent. Youtube-dl works with it, but there is no way to browse it from Netsurf.

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