@neauoire nice to see it's built with make now. packaging was a bit awkward with the old script. i should look into it again... sometime. (so many guix projects :blobsob: )

@neauoire ...oh nooo it just calls the script.
well. i guess it will work.

@grainloom it's really easy to build orca, I can't imagine what could cause an issue.

@neauoire well, i was more unexperienced and didn't trust the script to do feature autodetection correctly on such a foreign distro.
it's a rather idiosyncratic build system that takes a while to untangle.
and packages that use pre-defined build systems can use some package transformations, so i was hoping it would get a makefile eventually.
but now that i know more about building stuff, i think it should work.

@neauoire eg.: lots of build systems honor the #:make-args field of package-arguments. so if someone wanted to build their whole system with clang instead of gcc, they would start out by writing a function that returns modified packages that include a CC=clang make argument.

it's not something people do in practice just yet (AFAIK at least), but something i'd like to try at some point, so it's not a huge deal.

@cancel @neauoire hmm. with make i guess it works, as long as definitions are converted to environment variables.
but afaik ./tool CC=clang is not the same as CC=clang ./tool.

@grainloom @neauoire ./blah CC=clang is not how environment variables are defined by any shell I know of

@cancel @neauoire
try this:

echo 'env-dump:' > Makefile
echo -e '\tenv' >> Makefile

env will dump the environment to stdout.

now run `make env-dump MYVAR=MYVAL | grep MYVAL`

@cancel @neauoire although i guess make doesn't count as a shell, so you're right.

@grainloom @neauoire make must do some weird stuff to allow you to pass env settings as flags... I don't know why you want this?

@cancel @neauoire ok so i'm mostly done with the package, but... what do i name it?
there is already an Orca package for the screen reader.

@cancel @neauoire also, should i put the sourcehut repo in the home-page field or the 100 Rabbits one?

@neauoire yup, trying to test now.
it definitely works to some degree.
just wanna test MIDI.

@grainloom okay! the master fork on sr.ht was slightly behind by a few commits, I wanna make sure that you have all the bits :>

πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I was in a fork when I did the migration.


@neauoire it looks like i have no idea how MIDI works.

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@grainloom Are you trying to implement MIDI yourself? or do you have no idea how orca's midi works?

@neauoire i have no idea how Guix's MIDI works.
or how any of the MIDI synths work.
but meh. it'll probably work. if not, i blame the portmidi package, not orca.
i pushed what i have right now to my channel on sourcehut.
(also i renamed "cli" to "orca-cli" in the package. should probably rename "orca" too, because it'll probably conflict with the screen reader.)

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