Out of meeting with digital minister
Caroline Dinenage and tech cos on #onlineharms and transparency.

A few thoughts on this: first, transparency is the easy bit, we all agree we need evidence.

However, making transparency generate comparability is really hard, or in practice impossible. Platforms are different, practices are different, users are different.

What we really need is *evidence*: neutrally generated, independent academic evidence.

This extends to platform systems and algorithms.

There is an objection that academics take too long and are behind the game. Maybe — but academic research has been critical to
@openrightsgroup's understanding of many issues and frankly is often *ahead* of the policy curve.

There's also a tendency to manipulate evidence from groups that have special interests (especially but exclusively commercial ones). This often has to be exposed and refuted through academic, robust evidence.

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@jim s/but exclusively/but not exclusively/ ?

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