languages shouldn't have official discord "servers" tbh.
if the discussion isn't available on a public platform, you fucked up.

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@grainloom Yeah, would be nice if the userops for irc/matrix/xmpp was good enough, and perceived as good enough, that projects dare run their own without risking a maintenance burden. But when even Mozilla gave up ...

@clacke Mozilla bundles quite a bit of unnecessary crap with their browser, so I don't value their opinion quite as much as I wish I could.

@grainloom For me it turns into, "wow, Mozilla has hundreds of people and hosts these services I don't even want, but they can't even run an IRC server", which makes me think an IRC server should probably be made easier to host.

@clacke @grainloom

Is anyone on the fedi hosting an irc server? thats an interesting question, someone must be right

@grainloom @clacke tons of those for sure, I have even seen people talking about hosting FIDOnet stuff here but not yet IRC

@liaizon @clacke @grainloom I used to host one for internal work chat. Wasn't that hard.

@liaizon @clacke @grainloom I have a private irc server, yes.

I use unrealircd, which is under active development.

In general, when I hear "irc has drawbacks" that's all I hear, I never hear what they are, and if questioned, the person backpedals like _mad_ to get away from actually having to say they can't only use text to speak to others, they need to be able to post gifs and memes to express themselves.

Last time I tried to use Matrix, I was directed to Google Captcha. Fsck that.

I ran an xmpp server for a bit, but as the number of people using it was exactly 1, and that person was available on irc, I stopped wasting my time with that.

We use rocketchat at work, and I wish the admins would install the irssi support for it so I could have a proper interface, but... oh well (:

@Truck @liaizon @clacke the only real problem i have with it is that multiple active connections with the same nick are unnecessarily complicated. and i guess an easier way to look up history would be nice.

@grainloom @liaizon @clacke Ah, yes - multiple irc _networks_ - and now we step away from "irc has issues" to "irc deployments have issues."

On this I can agree.

I can also state that this is a result of something I saw back in the day - the original efnet split (: It was 100% political, 100% drama, and the engineering result was to take the ball and go home.

I solve this by using multiple connections and tmux, but I can see where this would be a drawback if one needed to NOT separate things by task/purpose. I do that, which means it is perfect for my use case.

I'm not sure a federated irc setup would solve the issue, but it would be interesting to _try._

(Also, this may be something that ircv3 is trying to address. Not sure, just know that it exists and unreal's development team is part of that.)

@Truck @grainloom @liaizon @clacke what's up with IRCv3 anyway? I don't know if there's any progress and I certainly don't know who's going to adopt it at this rate.

@polychrome @grainloom @liaizon @clacke I haven't needed to check in on it, but as I get updates from the Unrealircd team about once a month or so (as I said, active development) there are casual references to it every so often.

I haven't needed it - our network remains small by design - but if I were looking to deploy large scale irc services I'd be looking at it closely.

At some point I'll likely look at it when I read about "this is an ircv3 design item, and it will significantly change the way things operate, so please read up on this before deploying anything in the next major version."

@grainloom @Truck @liaizon @clacke that's pretty much it - support for multiple devices under the same Nick and recent history keeping for when coming back on a device that hasn't been on for awhile.

Both are solved by bouncers but they're not easy to set up. Not *hard*, but certainly not easy.

@Truck @liaizon @clacke @grainloom the drawback that's the reason I don't use IRC is that it doesn't provide the scrollback history.

so if I close the client or it crashes or I shut down the computer or am switching between client devices (like phone and computer), IRC (and XMPP and a bunch of others) won't show me the correct scrollup.

other peoples' messages don't go above when I logged in and my messages are missing anything I said from another device/client.

I wish there was smthn OSS tho

@codepuppy @liaizon @clacke @grainloom And this I consider a _feature._

But it certainly could be made optional - setting a channel to be "ephemeral" for casual discussion - like in a bar, where you can speak freely and things just are on the wind and you don't have the stress of having to uphold some social standard - or "permanent" for actual discussion that _should_ be logged, like any serious discussion.

(I also know that this can be solved by various "bouncer" implementations, and of course tmux/screen. And I've offered friends the option of those - so yes, in MY case, I'm seeing a shortcoming and providing a choice of solutions - but : SCALE? No, this does not scale.)

@Truck @liaizon @clacke @grainloom

Yes and there could be an intermediate per-channel option: you only can go back to see things you already "saw" (that is, you were logged in and on the "listening/online members" list anyone could see at the time they were said). And of course mods could have a privilege granted to them to see everything for modding purposes in case someone posted idk, child porn or something (or more likely, was accused of that).

@Truck @liaizon @clacke @grainloom

And yessss bouncers don't work if the bouncer goes offline!

Also I like how discord lets you edit/delete posts but I don't like how it won't show the edit history no matter how old the posts are. You can just rewrite the past with that!

(And showing "edited" doesn't help if the person typos a lot like me and the majority of posts are "edited" xD' )

@clacke @grainloom agree with this sentiment. There are problems with the open solutions: outdated and abandoned (irc) or just not widely known.

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