i think i'll go with because it has both official support and because it supports a newer language standard

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also, why the hell didn't they give proper names to SRFI modules? how am i supposed to know what something like srfi-9 means?

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FLT_RADIX was missing, defined it, now it compiles but crashes when ran

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@grainloom you can search on the SRFI database!

BTW: if you are going to use chibi-doc I recommend you to use the latest commit because it has some fixes in the terminal formatting.

Also there are some cool things in the latest commits like a JSON parser and some SXML improvement.

@ekaitz_zarraga ye, but like, when enabling a language extension in Haskell, I write something like DeriveNiceness, not HRFI-69. why couldn't they give them proper titles, yknow?

@grainloom these scheme motherfuckers are crazy dude. And I don't really know why I like the way they think :S


@ekaitz_zarraga maybe anyone who gets too involved in programming languages must be at least a bit crazy

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