@sdf tempted to try solving an Advent of Code problem but it has no C compiler. :blobsad:
maybe I can deal with LISP...?

@sdf tried logging in and it just echoes "WHAT?" every time. entered "LOGOUT" and that did the same. pressed Ctrl-] and ran logout there, and now it's just hanging. Did I mess something up?


are you sending only upper case to the system? I had to put on caps lock or it wouldn't work at all, its from the era when ASCII was upper case only...



@vfrmedia @sdf yep, but now i tried just entering "login" and then 1000 and lcml on separate lines, and that didn't result in a "WHAT?", but also didn't result in anything else.
tried reconnecting but now it refuses the connection.

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@grainloom @SDF

I put them all in on one line. It took a good few seconds for anything to happen (although on the other end of a 300 or 1200 bps modem it probably wouldn't seem that slow)

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