@sir as a Ruby app developer, it seems odd to me that I would find Ruby gems in the Fedora package manager. As a Ruby gem maintainer, I wouldn't want to burden distro maintainers every time I release a new version.

Do distro package managers even have features like version pinning? Seems like the repos are stuck with the major version that was out when the distro was released, and in a fast-moving world like web app development, you'd be hamstrung to old gem or npm versions.

@sir for example, if I want my app to support a new provider in omniauth that's only available on newer versions of the gem, I'm just stuck for months or years until Centos 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 do their next LTS so I can grab the next major version? I'm genuinely curious here.

@sir what about all the other devs on the team that use MacOS? Homebrew is even worse of a package manager than bundler or yarn, when compared to dnf or apt. They're just expected to use a VM for local dev? I gotta say, using a VM for dev is a horrible experience...


@Paul @sir Nix has official support for the walled garden. Not sure if it has importers tho.

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@grainloom @sir @Paul Nix works great on MacOS, it's my main package source for non-Mac-y things there.

I have zero need for macports or fink these days, and get only a handful of Cocoa things from Homebrew, or actually mostly from Homebrew Cask.
@grainloom @sir @Paul The importer situation on Nix is pretty bad. Every new language reinvents the wheel and code reuse is low because the documentation is sparse.

When I can create the time to work on racket2nix again, I hope to generalize a few things and reduce the fragmentation, but I can't say which year that would be.
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