@sir as a Ruby app developer, it seems odd to me that I would find Ruby gems in the Fedora package manager. As a Ruby gem maintainer, I wouldn't want to burden distro maintainers every time I release a new version.

Do distro package managers even have features like version pinning? Seems like the repos are stuck with the major version that was out when the distro was released, and in a fast-moving world like web app development, you'd be hamstrung to old gem or npm versions.


@Paul @sir
Look into Guix. It makes importing language specific packages relatively painless, and dependency conflicts are basically nonexistant, because you only ever actually install what is absolutely needed, everything else is referenced through the store.
As a user, I absolutely loathe how npm/luarocks/etc try to install things globally. Yes, per-user installs still count as global.

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