mastodon frontend that lets you keep notes about people, like "has good sincereposts, lives in nepal, can answer cooking questions"

useful for folks who can't ever remember names and stuff, such as myself

really wanna write an wrapper around madonctl that does this, among other things

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possible downside:
doxing? but it's not like people can't dox others without this.

personally i just want to be able to easily take notes about stuff in general.

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@grainloom Yes, but more importantly who is this person who "has good sincereposts, lives in nepal, can answer cooking questions"? I'd like to follow them.

@emacsomancer someone I made up.
but you know the saying, "be the Nepali sincereposter who can answer cooking questions you want to see in the world".

@emacsomancer is that Nepali (?) for "i can answer cooking questions"?

@grainloom Roughly "Ok, I will try." (I'm an L2 speaker though, so I'm not going to vouch for the idiomaticity).

@grainloom was just saying today that i need something like this! especially with seasonal/changing display names.

@grainloom @Shufei I’d like a version of this even if only my own notes were visible to me. I often ask “wait, why did I start following this person again?”.

@grainloom I'd love for this to be a browser extension. Easiest would be to key it to the URL, make it work for any webpage, and then have some Masto-Specific lookup to insert notes from a users profile into the Timelines user view.

No idea how to code this, tho.

@minx no, it should be a user service. it's too good to waste on a browser.

@grainloom That very same #mastodev problem of limited memory would be already half solved for me, if I could just get a full text search through (only!) the posts I've already seen... ?!
Subjectively I spend hours scrolling through posts of various followed people, just to find that author of some note, for which I just had an idea for a reply, or I want to forward to somebody. Often I give up then, frustrated.

@ceha this is part of why I want a frontend that works like email clients and downloads (mostly) everything and then periodically cleans things up.
then i could just grep through them.

@grainloom At least on a desktop client (that is, with enough memory) this would be a fair approach, I'd think, and especially not enabling any bad usage (to prevent such being reason not to have searchability in the protocol/API, if I got it correctly).
I'm somewhat missing the straightforward functionality of old school newsreaders and the like - maybe some mastodon client developers should install an SLRN and get some inspiration. ;-)

@guenther thanks, but if i must use a separate piece of software, i don't want it to be web based.
i'd rather take notes offline.

@grainloom (in case you missed it, it is self-hostable, if that counts as offline for you ^^)

@guenther I didn't and it doesn't. I don't want to build a rube-goldberg monster just to use a fedi-id -> text associative array. A plain file system solution would be far simpler, as long as file system limits don't become a problem.

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