mastodon frontend that lets you keep notes about people, like "has good sincereposts, lives in nepal, can answer cooking questions"

useful for folks who can't ever remember names and stuff, such as myself

really wanna write an wrapper around madonctl that does this, among other things

possible downside:
doxing? but it's not like people can't dox others without this.

personally i just want to be able to easily take notes about stuff in general.

@Shufei @gcupc

could also work with SSB, maybe even better, since you can just use your .ssb for storage.

@grainloom SSB? I’m a radio nerd, so this means single sideband modulation to me, haha.

@grainloom Ooohhh, haha, yes. I dunno why, but I keep forgetting about this even though I installed the thing.

@Shufei @grainloom brutaldon tries to avoid keeping user data whenever possible, so this is a job for something else. Along with several other features I'd like.

@grainloom Yes, but more importantly who is this person who "has good sincereposts, lives in nepal, can answer cooking questions"? I'd like to follow them.

@emacsomancer someone I made up.
but you know the saying, "be the Nepali sincereposter who can answer cooking questions you want to see in the world".

@emacsomancer is that Nepali (?) for "i can answer cooking questions"?

@grainloom Roughly "Ok, I will try." (I'm an L2 speaker though, so I'm not going to vouch for the idiomaticity).

@grainloom was just saying today that i need something like this! especially with seasonal/changing display names.

@grainloom there’s a mastodon issue for this! the devs haven’t commented on it yet but with more +1s they might :)

@grainloom @Shufei I’d like a version of this even if only my own notes were visible to me. I often ask “wait, why did I start following this person again?”.

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