git9's git/fs is extremely nice and intuitive

i have to rewrite some of the code that generates my blog from plan9port to plan 9 proper and i was worried the git stuff would be hart to port and i'd have to get into the git9 sources or install lufia's port, but it looks like it'll be a piece of cake, might even be able to make it faster

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instead of combing through git docs to find out how i can print the date something was created / modified, i can just find its references in git/fs and use the timestamps from the files

that's heccin :blobuwu:

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@grainloom there's so much plan9 stuff I want to explore to inspire my recreations of it in rust, but some of the stuff isn't documented / maintained well (mailfs in plan9port)

and heck, plan9port was even dropped from homebrew so I gotta do it all myself... like an animal

@k aw hec
i had to package it myself for Guix as well, I feel your pain

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