"The option isn't Electron vs native, it's Electron vs nothing"

Well, no. If it wasn't for #Electron, developers who want to make "apps" would actually go and learn how to make apps, you know.

Look at how native apps used to flourish on the desktop back when Electron (and the "modern" web) wasn't a thing. Look at the mobile app market, where Electron still isn't a thing.

@bugaevc No, they wouldn't. Or maybe for one platform. Case in point, I know my way around GTK+ and QT. Yet, when it came to building a keyboard configurator GUI, I went with Electron, and to this day, that's still the only viable option for the app.

Both QT and GTK lack features I need (like interactive SVGs). I'd have to complement them with a cross-platform USB and serial library.

In this case, there's _tons_ of things that Electron and web-tech makes trivial, and would be PITA natively.

@bugaevc Electron _is_ terrible, indeed. But it does enable a lot of things that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Since toots are limited to 500 chars, I'll link you this blog post I wrote a year ago: asylum.madhouse-project.org/bl

It's still as valid today as it was then.

@algernon I remember reading that post, yeah.

Apps made for a particular platform, written with love by passionate users of that platform is exactly what I wish for. Yes, that means separate apps for different platforms.

@grainloom @bugaevc That'd solve part of my problems (cross-compilation and distribution), but wouldn't do anything about both GTK and QT being insufficient for my needs. :(


@algernon @bugaevc well, someone should ideally port that functionality to GTK
relying on Electron for much longer is not a good prospect

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