RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

It's also worth reading @dthompson's followup here lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

David's experience is also mine; there's a reason I dropped my association as a "GNU hacker", which used to be the way I identified myself for some time.

For many people, I'm sure these things seem to be shocking, as if all of this is happening at once. I'm shocked by how fast things have devolved, but not the way they are, because I already saw and tried to change for years how bad it was until I gave up.

@Shamar @cwebber so, uh, we're with Andy on this. if anyone is power hungry here, it's rms. we just want rms held accountable for his poor leadership.


@Shamar @dthompson @cwebber
"Not being a criminal" is not sufficient criteria for continuing to lead a project of such importance.

He sucks at leading, so he shouldn't lead. Simple as that.

No one even said he should be censored.


@Shamar @dthompson @cwebber
He did those things what, 20 years ago?
And if a free software project can't even be nice to women, it doesn't deserve to exist.



@Shamar @dthompson @cwebber
Since he is responsible for the negative image people associate with GNU, I'd say that it may have been better if he did less in the last 20 years.

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