economies of scale: nice, useful
greedy megacrops: not nearly as nice or useful

how do we resolve this.....


@jwinnie microprocessors. medicine. efficiency.

if you need 100 arrowheads it's better to make a mold and melt some iron, than to make them individually.

it's more efficient to print a thousand books after you've built a printing press

@grainloom but those things are all possible at the local scale. You can keep a printing press in your house and print books.

@jwinnie microchips? I'd like to see someone build one in their garage.
But it hasn't happened so far. Same goes for all PC hardware.
Old computers are possible, but good luck doing encryption on those chips.

or try making a medical implant.
or an MRI scanner. idk how you'll even build the tools that will let you build it.

@grainloom I haven't read it and I'm not familiar with what his arguments are, but Kevin Carson wrote a whole book on alternatives to economies of scale:

@grainloom @jwinnie man it seems like I was just talking about this a year ago.

I’ll have to dig up links, but I’ve seen it done. I know it’s kind of besides the point, but you can fab chips in a garage.

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