based on how people draw sci-fi stuff, one would imagine that the best way to measure the technological advancement of a culture is by its capacity to produce LEDs


what if the secret to quantum computing is to just put more LEDs on them. 🤔

has anyone tried it? can't say it won't work if they haven't tried it.

@grainloom Blinkenlichts project was the peak technological project of our specie.

@grainloom if you reverse the polarity and run the current through the led backwards it emits quantum light which is very good for computer

Computer power peaked in 1987 with the CM-2 from MIT, which had over 64k processors in addition to all the LEDs pictured here. Inspired by this design, Steve Jobs went on to design the Next System(sic), introducing the fatal flaw of separating the blinky lights from the black box. Slavishly copying Steve Jobs' designs, the computing industry ignored the ideal 1:1 ratio of LEDs to processor cores. It wasn't until after Job's death, 30 years later, that the relationship between processors and blinking lights was reestablished and the number of processing cores in computing devices reached double digits again. By this time, however, civilization had already been irreparably damaged by the decades of massive computing power devoid of any appreciable logic

@grainloom @ed_packet
Thinking Machines did great art along with the tech and probably the most important computer in human history, the 486 on Tim Berner-Lee's messy desk at CERN with the sticky note asking the cleaning staff to not turn it off because it was running the first web server, had a case inspired by that design

When I read about Connection Machine and RISC, I thought that would be the future - that massively parallel computers doing simple operations would be doing amazing things alongside people in a few years, but that's obviously not what happened

Oh, yeah. It was this series of computers that Feynman used to test the algorithms that are the basis of quantum computing

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