could partner with one of the libre hardware projects?

would be cool to have an Ye Official Guix System Computer ™️

@espectalll maybe a Mill?
they are supposed to be very nice for functional code, a function call on the belt is only a single operation

@espectalll ye, which kinda sux :blobsad:
but its concepts are pretty cool and more novel than the ones in open architectures, so i'm still excited about it
and I doubt they are gonna put a Minix in it

@grainloom I run Guix Sysem on T400 with Libreboot. Unfortunately, this isn't as reliable as one might want.

Currently, I have an issue with it just spontaneously crashing, filling the screen with stripes.
I guess, it's is due to LB, because I've upgraded Guix multiple times by now and the issue persists. Should try to upgrade the firmware and see what will happen, if the issue will go away.

@amiloradovsky @grainloom Just build a recent version of coreboot. Libreboot is 2 years behind.

@CyReVolt @grainloom I know it's probably unfounded, but I'm a bit afraid of flashing new ROMs, because I assume rolling back with in-system programmer may not work out, and I can't really debug hardware issues (which I may encounter along the way of external flashing).

@amiloradovsky @grainloom An external programmer (RPi, BBB, CH341A, FT2232h mini) can always recover you in the worst case. The only drawback is that T4xx required quite some disassembling. And the T400 has a SOIC16 chip. I have one myself and put coreoot on it last year, so I know what it's like. :-)

@CyReVolt @grainloom I used a CH341A to flash CB into my G505, as an attempt to recover it from a mysterious failure.
It didn't work out, either because the issue was in something else, or because I suck at soldering.

@amiloradovsky @grainloom For my T400, I could just use a test clip. No need to solder. There are very few reports of issues, but then again, I think that is negligible.

@CyReVolt @grainloom At the time, it was surprisingly hard for me to get a test clip: either waiting very long for the delivery or shockingly expensive. I managed to get an 8-pin one in the end, which turned out to have broken cable… I interpreted it as a sign that very few people actually use them. And generally I heard that test clips are an unreliable method, so I opted for soldering.

Tinkering with hardware is fun, but expensive and time consuming.

@amiloradovsky @grainloom Tell me about it... I have quite a bunch of stuff flying around all across my livingroom. xD I am trying to contribute to making firmware development a commodity. :)

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