the scary thing about is when in file formats it has stuff like:

file: refers to a file
some-special-string: does a special thing

and that just invites the problem of someone using some-special-string as a file name

pls, anyone who does
do not ever do anything like this
keep your formal grammars unambiguous

if you do not, Ada Lovelace will come down from Programmer Heaven and smite you

@Shamar idk, read it in some manpage the other day, not sure which
but similar problems apply to a lot of the system, eg. how basically nothing can handle spaces in file names

(hot take, $ifs should only contain tab and newline, or better yet, there should be no $ifs)

@Shamar this isn't really a Plan 9 specific problem, but it's one of those things that mess up an otherwise nice system


@Shamar @xj9 This is the same argument people (used to) use to defend ASCII-only systems. :blobshrug:

@Shamar @xj9
Or just.... force users to use string literals for strings? And let unquoted strings mean something else?

I mean, you can't seriously say "but that's harder to learn" when we have just demonstrated how many problems it leads to.

If kids can learn Python in a week, programmers can bear with a teeeensy bit more syntax in their shells.

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