> At that point, war is no longer about a sense of adventure and chivalry and a way of testing your nation's level of manhood; it's become industrial, and horrible.

ah yes, as opposed to the Old Wars, that were basically just jolly wrestling matches..... :blobglare:

@grainloom with about a shitton of people dying, troops destroying crops and causing famines and burning towns and cities to the ground... I either disagree or something flew over my head


@Silverrpent yeah, people can try to romanticize wars and the military all they want, but that doesn't change the fact that wars are horrible

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@grainloom YES. People dying is horrible period. Also I think I kinda missed the irony in the OG post and I'm sorry.

@Silverrpent Oh, no prob. I probably should have CWd it as such. Or I guess it's more sarcasm than irony.

@grainloom Those two overlap a lot I think. Honestly I was a bit weirded out like I didn't know you as someone who has this opinion

@Silverrpent ....ok now I have to look up how the two are defined....

@Silverrpent huh. so according to one source, sarcasm is a kind of irony.

@grainloom So that's why I could never really figuew out the difference

@Silverrpent @grainloom People have been really sensitive about the meaning of irony ever since that song. πŸ˜€
@grainloom @Silverrpent "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette, which just recounts a number of unfortunate events you were ill-prepared for.
@grainloom @Silverrpent People have been gate-keeping the word "ironic" ever since, narrowing it down strictly to a sort of poetic justice.
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