10+ years of using English and I am still not comfortable with the fact that the past tense of "read" is "read, but pronounced differently"

who the hell allowed this

yknow what

i'm gonna start saying readed

well. 10+ years of learning English tbh. I've only been using it daily for the last uuugh, idk, 5-ish years?

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read (present tense) and read (past tense) is similar to function overloading in C++

in this essay i will discuss the similarities between the history of C++ and English

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reproduction, but only for the silly joke 

reproduction, but only for the silly joke 

@grainloom Well, they both involve Danes and integrating into a large installed base…

@grainloom I clicked the post with great excitement just to see there is no actual thread and get disappointed

@grainloom By the way, there is also verb-noun overloading, such as:
súbject (n) / subjéct (v)
pérmit (n) / permít (v)
áddress (n) / addréss (v)
(examples taken from

@cagatayy yea, "in this essay i will" is kind of a meme/joke thing
but there is at least one reply that expands on the idea

@cagatayy tbh if someone actually made a detailed comparison of their histories, that would be cool

@grainloom I would add taking things from diverse languages and being weird because of that.

@grainloom Having spoke English my entire life... this, and many other things, bother me greatly! It seems to have no shortage of arbitrary exceptions to otherwise sound rules (as well as some not so 'sound' rules).

@self yep.
the overloading of ' s is another irritating part

@grainloom Read has similar root with raten (to guess). Ironic, isn't it?
Meanwhile, lesen in German and lire in French both are stemming from words meaning to receive/collect.


99% of my log entries start with a present or past tense verb:

Cleaned Kitchen
Sweep Lot
Repair Sink
Watch This Video

and then.

And then there's

Read That Piece

Is it a directive or a record? HMM? ARKANSAS KANSAS?!?!

@xiroux I thiiiink it's the same in The Queen's English

@grainloom It's a quote from a really funny vine! It's a woman complaining about Kansas being Kansas and Arkansas being Arkansaw 10/10 would recommend

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