love to make my site unusable to people with screen readers just to defeat adblock

@monorail like, how does that defeat adblock in the first place

@monorail can't it just look at the rendered output instead of the raw html, or some intermediate pass of rendering?

@monorail also I just realized those letters are in basically no order whatsoever, how does that work

@monorail even so why does that render as "sponsored" and not as "...jjknwjyywS..."

@Felthry css is used to make all the letters that aren’t supposed to be there invisible

@monorail we barely have any idea what css does but I know that asking would be a lot to ask

@Felthry it’s what makes web pages look nice instead of looking bare bones

it affects how things are laid out or what colours they are or what effects they have or what shape the corners are or whatever

i downloaded an extension to disable all the css on a web page and looks like this


@monorail @Felthry ((tbh if browser defaults weren't what they are, CSS would not be as necessary. Mothra doesn't support CSS (and a lot of other stuff) but it renders pure HTML quite nicely. bare bones can look good.))

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