regular reminder that anything that is protected by deserves to be pirated

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@grainloom I'll be fair tho, I buy a lot of digital goods off gumroad which directly supports the creator.

@grainloom Regular reminder that DRM do not protect, they lock out

Or you should always look for different stores. Like or humblebundle before steam. Usually they tr to sell drm free first :)

@fuyuhikodate yeah, I already buy stuff on GoG and Bandcamp when I can, they are quite nice

@fuyuhikodate @grainloom This message was more for people who work in the industry.

We _know_ many of these people. We have met, and talk to them.

Some of them have forgotten.

Some of them only care if it happens to others.

Some of them fight DRM in their products but lose to management. They continue to fight. Sometimes they get a breakthrough. Sometimes they don't.

Always we stay vigilant.

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