whoever came up with the pronunciation of the word "choir" needs to stand in a corner and think about what they've done

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@melissasage there is certainly a colonel of truth to that toot

@grainloom make me president-empress-goddess of the world and i promise english spelling reform to make this godawful language less bad

@grainloom Doesn't that this apply to most of this hell language?

@alva @grainloom i heard someone explain english as "a language that exists so saxon mercenaries could hit on bar wenches in every country" and things make sense

The key to the choir's qi was polyphonic vocal chords.

@zillion oh no, not 9gag, I've been 9gag free for years, I'm not breaking my streak now :blobcathissing:

@zillion but the url text gives me an idea of which poem that is

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