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Let's look at this code:
`comment: str = None`
Is the type correct?
Yes, everything is just fine!

@grainloom Hard to tell. Much of nowadays programmers became such because it is pretty to write the code nowadays. And thus is thanks to null/nil/undefined/None.

In fact, when you start writing some language that have a sane way to handle optionals (like #rust #scala #kotlin etc), it becomes harder to write good and efficient code, because it requires a bit more thinking from you. Code is safer, but you have to use your head. And mass doesn't want this, they just need to make another unicorn startup

@alexcleac "good and efficient" is pretty vague tbh, if the code doesn't produce the correct result, it doesn't matter how fast it is.

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@grainloom Businesses often say that nice result today is better than great one tomorrow :D However I agree with you on this - small bug can cost a lot more to business that an hour of qualified professional work

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