regular PSA to mark 18+ and stuff as such
not "kink", not "boobs"
an underage user who comes across your post on the federated timeline should know whether that content is safe for them or not
they won't know what your bdsm jargon means


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feel free to @ your favorite adult content hosting instance's admin about this

and by "feel free" i mean "you really should do that because right now they are being lazy and stubborn about this issue"

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@a_breakin_glass it's not, that was just an example
but eg. "puppy play" is
and a child won't know that it is

sex work 

@grainloom mastodon is not a website for underage people anyway. only big grownups allowed

@epicmorphism @grainloom Why the heck not? It is supposed to be used for maths, and there are underage kids who like and can understand it. And there are stuff what are just pretty even if you don't understand them.

and besides, I am an adult, but not a native English speaker, I learnt it in school and ain't into these things, so if you said "water sports" or "puppy play"it'd catch me unexpected too. And I would think I can open it from a college computer I'd appreciate this too

@Silverrpent @grainloom
> It is supposed to be used for maths

wrong, it's supposed to be used for anime

I actually agree with your point of giving meaningful CWs in Plain English -- there is no point in CWs otherwise.

But I the notion that an underage user knows what's harmful to them, or that pornography is harmful to underage users, that I cannot agree with.

@grainloom this is the first time i've seen a post arguing in favor of *more* vague content warnings, and honestly, it is an angle i'd never thought of.

i did? unless some aren't loading. 3 replies before mine, right? and i just noticed how old this post is, so my apologies if i did something wrong in replying, it got boosted onto my timeline and i didn't check the date.

@juliebean it should definitely be more than 3, but I just realized the longest subthread is private, sorry (but that still leaves more than 3)
anyways, the point isn't that they should be more vague but that they should be recognizable for minors (as well as adults)
eg. "lewd" is not really recognizable (definitely not if English is your second language) whereas "18+" or "adults only" is something pretty much everyone runs across as a child

@juliebean as for the replies, maybe if you check the post outside your app (ie. visit this link you'll see them

@grainloom ah, okay, yep. maybe they were cut off because basically everyone blocks starrevolution? everything below the first reply from a user from there isn't showing anywhere besides on the post's specific page to me.

@grainloom i guess that makes sense, maybe do both though? cause the point of a content warning i would think would be to give the reader a heads up about what they're getting into, but 'nsfw' '18+' or 'adults only' tell you literally nothing about the actual contents of the post, only about who you want the audience to be.

@juliebean But "lewd" or "boobs" on their own don't either - is "boobs" going to be a sexually provactive picture of breasts, or a childish introduction to a thread about mastectomies? "adult only; porn imagery" I think would be the way to go - explicit without being explicit. I dislike "lewd" as a tag, it requires you kinda know the community to interpret it. Same for "mh+" and "uspol," I prefer "mental health (positive)," "U.S. politics"

It's why I dislike charcount limits @grainloom

your response makes me think that you think you're arguing against me while we're actually saying more or less the same thing.

@juliebean I'm trying to re-phrase OP's point - they aren't saying to use "adults only" as the ONLY content warning, but that it, on its own, is more helpful than "lewd," on its own.

@juliebean not literally nothing, who your target audience is actually tells quite a lot
but yes, it's usually better to be specific

@grainloom Totally agree, though I would hope that anyone who lets their underage child surf the fediverse would be aware that CW tags are totally voluntarily and as such *never* going to be uniformly applied. At the very least they should be prepared to answer some questions and not be awkward about it.

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