hey people, this is your regular reminder that PC is still not the same as Windows

@grainloom [Guild Wars 2 voice] of course not! PC stands for Pact Commander!

@grainloom they cleverly made the player character be the commander of the pact so that there aren't two PCs.

@grainloom "PC"? Didn't they all get rebranded to the shorter and more elegant "desktop computer"? :thonking:

@polychrome mayb, but that's a bit broad
anything is a desktop computer if you have a forklift and an open minded interpretation of what desks should look like

@grainloom @polychrome conversely, many things can be laptops if you have a sturdy lap and a generous supply of batteries

@a_breakin_glass @polychrome
"a personal computer small enough to fit conveniently in an individual workspace"
who said your workspace can't have 12 large dining tables?

@grainloom @polychrome
tired: a computer you put on a desk
wired: a computer you can use as a desk

There's a supercomputer in Quebec City whose cooling system is connected directly to the building heating system. So this week, everybody submit jobs.

Me I'm just curled up around my laptop warning my fingers over the vents.
@grainloom @polychrome

@a_breakin_glass @grainloom @polychrome
I miss living somewhere with cheap hydroelectricity and cold winters so all my computers ran at 100% efficiency

@grainloom the only thing that should be called a PC is IBM model 5150

@ben ye, the rest are just "compatibles"
mere imitations of the great original

@grainloom @ben
PC compatible is still better than a random x86_64
Yes, PS4, I'm looking at you.

@grainloom hah, I meant "Master Control Program" like from Tron but that works too

@lousycanuck @grainloom What could be more personal than computing?

Don't fool yourself in to thinking otherwise.

Windows was a mistake.

(End Of Line.)

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