@Wolf480pl@niu.moe @z428 @MatejLach @grainloom @Shamar @alcinnz @cbowdon honestly, a BDFL 'vision' model isn't much better than a traditional committee model

@a_breakin_glass @Wolf480pl @z428 @MatejLach @grainloom @alcinnz @cbowdon

What about BOFH? 🤣

Just kidding...

The point of what we are saying is that if everyone in the planet was able to hack his operating system (or whatever), you woudn't need BDFL. You woudn't need maintainers or funding. And no corporation could win against free software.


@Shamar @a_breakin_glass @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @z428 @MatejLach @alcinnz @cbowdon This works best if the modifications they make don't mess things up. Eg. if I have a patched version of ls but other software wants to use ls, that might be a problem. So we need good package management tools.

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