i knew i wasn't mishearing it, people really pronounce it "exetera"

(wrongly, since it's "et cetera")

@Algot true, but "etc" doesn't have any "x" in it, so it's weirder to me that people mispronounce it


In places where it is said, there really isn't an x sound. It isn't far to go from

et > ek

and if everyone around you says it, it takes a fair bit of self-motivation to stand out by saying et-cetera instead of ek-cetera.

That don't make it right, but waddaya gonna do, eh? 😉

@Algot complain about it online and use my Having Passed The Mandatory Latin Class In High School skill to educate people? 🤔


My own pet peeve is a linguistic lost cause.
Teachers routinely say, "Bring this form to the office, please." That includes teachers of English/Language Arts.

The distinction of bring and take is gone in day-to-day speech (even if it may still be taught as an academic bit of grammar.


And the thing is, with a vast majority of people using cellphones to talk, the distinction of place is effectively erased.

The two people in conversation may be physically far apart, but they are together as far as their being "in touch". They are in the "same place", so how does take have a chance?

"When you come, bring it."
When I come, I will bring it."

Nobody is "going" only coming...HERE. There is no THERE.


Further confusion is found in the phrase "take a drink". The liquid is entering my body as I take the drink.

We must face it. Language is idiomatic. Grammar is a semi-successful attempt to build a structure AFTER THE FACT.


@Algot well, you take the drink from its original owner :thonking:
sounds perfectly fine to me


That part of the taking does work.

Taking remains in the phrase even if I have pumped and carried my own bucket from the well. (Yes, I think of myself as THAT old.)

It is still "take a drink" as the water sluices down my esophagus.

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