"In spaces, your friends are the data center. Data get wiped? Resync it from your friends. Lose your private key? Piece together the shards from your friends. That radical interdependence with real people that we trust can remove our dependency on corporate cloud providers."

@grainloom darkcrystal sounds like a bad idea though and the shamirs secret stuff should just be built into SSB peers.

@bob what makes it bad? i haven't tried it or looked more deeply into yet

@grainloom The code looks ok, but there's a lot of things on the site which ring alarm bells.

"We are the Magic Money Tree team!"


"We build tools for groups who manage crypto-currency collectively"

Uh. This is sounds like another of those scams where one guy makes off with a bunch of cash and is never heard from again. Crypto-currency has a long and dishonorable history.

Corporate cloud providers have strong central incentives to conduct themselves in trustworthy ways which are absent in interpersonal networking.

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