has reached the end-of-life and is now read-only. Please see the EOL announcement for details this seems overcomplicated, I'd much rather have something like Acme or Plan 9's rio shells and build these things on top of that

@grainloom @bugaevc Both of you are not contradicting each other there :)

@ckeen I mean, it looks cool but uuugh, I hope it doesn't end up as its own OS and will integrate with the rest of the system

otherwise this just looks like ZSH with some GTK/Qt added

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@grainloom @bugaevc

TBH all these fancy shell prompts and such are getting pretty ridiculous. If you are using a graphical UI it should take advantage of that. So far all we have are some weird terminal emulators with a baud rate setting.

That has to change

@ckeen @bugaevc @grainloom

I think you are undervaluing the efficiency of text.

Compare the logographic below to its (possible) translation:

"If a man utters this spell while pure, it assures going forth by day after his death" (see for further info and translations).

We have a spacial problem (pixel to meaning ratio), a problem of composability and a problem of interpretation.

IMHO, text centric UI (like #Plan9's one) are simply too ahead of times.

@ckeen idk, I like a lot of the ideas in theory but if it's not as portable and modular as what we currently have, I don't see myself using it anytime soon
i'm not against making UIs better but I'm not sure how I feel about these ideas

how does it compare to what came before? how does it compare to Emacs?

@grainloom @bugaevc

None of this is portable in any way. That's why we are still stuck with what we have. Every wanted to know how the graphical shells change their title? There are some escape sequences for that. Icky stuff...
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