Announcing VOID BASTARDS, a sci fi procedural strategy Douglas Adams-em-up. Jon Chey directs, I narrative design, etc


And when they say "PC", they use it as a syonym for "Windows"? Pity.

@grainloom @caraellison Probably not, is my guess. Which is a pity, because I run Linux and dig the style and Moebius-esque art.

@caraellison @Nezchan Guess I'll start searching "void bastards linux support" every couple months. :blobshrug:

@caraellison @grainloom Well, it's not that I don't want to play it. I really do. But if it's something not made possible by the dev then I'm kind of out of luck.

@Nezchan @grainloom sometimes its hard as a small team to test many different platforms and have them all out at release. but it doesn't mean the shader can't be rewritten later

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