Are people who willfully mistrain reCaptcha liable for self driving car crashes? Or is Google liable for the integrity of its training data? Or is this another potential non-attributable unfortunate accident of the algorithm?

@feonixrift Google is, definitely. The people coerced into doing the captchas have no expectation of having made no legal agreements with Google (Captchas are used just fine -- incredibly enthusiastically, even -- with people using Tor), so it is Google's assertion entirely that there is any value to the dataset.

If they argue any differently I am slashing the tires of every single one of their self-driving pieces of trash.

@gaditb @feonixrift In all seriousness, my guess is that the liability for self-driving accidents will remain solely with the "driver", who *technically* could have stepped in.
@wxcafe @feonixrift @gaditb Yeah, they will keep saying this while marketing the thing as self-driving and making it easier and easier to take the hands of the wheel

@elomatreb @wxcafe @feonixrift How long do you think it'll be before the rich jerks that are gonna be the market for this hire less-well-paid-chauffeurs ("You're not actually doing any driving, so!") to act as a liability crumple-zone?


@gaditb @elomatreb @wxcafe @feonixrift would paying for a chauffeur be cheaper than some kinda insurance? :thonking:
i guess the damage to a public figure's reputation would cost them a lot indirectly so a full-time chauffeur may be worth it for them??

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