Hey people, I've been noticing the number of posts with alt text going down. It might be because of all the new users who haven't learned about the feature yet, so for them and everyone:

yall should use alt text when uploading images! what are they??? hover over the images to find out! why are they good? the tldr of it is that visually impaired computer users exist and it helps them navigate the INFOBAHN better

oh also, re: alt text
it's a lesser known accessibility booster, but if you write your tags instead of then the screen reader software that visually impaired users use can recognize where word boundaries are and won't say "likethis" as one jumbled word but will instead say "like this"

@grainloom and if you follow @alt_text it will remind you to use it everytime you dont

@grainloom I didn't know either of these things, thanks for letting me know! I'll be putting both of these hot strats to good use

@Ween :blobuwu:
i only learned about the tagging thing from @gingerrroot , so I really wish these were more easily found when signing up

@grainloom thank you, this is so good to know. I generally write it #LikeThat because I have OCD but sometimes I’m too lazy - but now I’ll make a point of it. Thanks.

@holopleather yeah, not all clients implement it, I only use the "official" web client and Brutaldon, so I don't know which mobile apps have which features

@grainloom I don’t know if that works in this Mastodon client Tootdon. I don’t see anything but the image. I can’t hover on mobile. Is that desktop only?

@Polibent some mobile clients implement it but I don't know which ones, since I only use the "vanilla" interface and Brutaldon

@grainloom Have been searching for it, but this functionality seems absent in Tusky.

@eric it's not; after you upload/take a pic click on it and there's a "set caption" option. iirc the new version should have a better indicator of if it's done or not

@eric Yes, for some reason not all apps implement it. I only use the web client and Brutaldon so I don't know the app landscape.

@grainloom @eric (tusky does, and as of the new version released this week will give you a little indicator if you have or haven't put something on there yet; before that you had to know to click on the picture)

@grainloom This is a test to look for the 'alt text' option - I found it but it is *very* difficult to find (default desktop Mastodon client). You have to hover over the image after it uploads, and the field is hidden by the grey shading at the bottom of the image. Better UI would go a long way toward addressing this. #ItsNotAlwaysTheUsersFault

@grainloom @aral I wager quite a few of us are also (mostly) on mobile and probably using native apps. I’m on Tootdon and don’t love it, but I haven’t seen much in the way of alt text options for photos in any apps I’ve tried. 😕

Not sure what to do besides but the devs to add it. But most Mastodon iOS apps I’ve seen are free, without even IAPs, so I don’t have a lot of faith at the moment. 😔

@grainloom That's so cool that they have that included as a feature!

@grainloom it's just not really readable on mobile. At least I haven't figured it out yet

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