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regular PSA to mark 18+ and stuff as such
not "kink", not "boobs"
an underage user who comes across your post on the federated timeline should know whether that content is safe for them or not
they won't know what your bdsm jargon means


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follow my very cool partner in crime:
ve does art and needs the pressure of having followers to improve even more 😛

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quick psa about my emoji usage
💙 : friendly, not romantic
❤ : probably romantic
so, if I toot a blue heart at you, it's not intended as romantic affection. I thought I should clarify that, since some people might feel uncomfortable with hearts being thrown at them.

"It's a perfect system. Nobody has to trust anybody."

"Except they have to trust them to work with the system," she said with a shrug.

Weird concept: You are not your depression.

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@ insects.
i love you but please keep out of my dorm room.
the lamp is a false idol.
its heat an all-consuming leviathan.
save yourselves.

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@grainloom @it
This bug exists as far as 7.0, which is the latest I've been able to test, but considering it's been known since the Kit Kat era with Google essentially denying it exists & pointing people to a similar Kit Kat era bug report that fixed the "same" problem, I don't see 8.0 or even 12.0 having a fix.

The workaround is twofold:

1. Only use one Bluetooth device at a time
& 2. either disable wifi during use or only use a 5GHz connection

@grainloom Maybe in the future! 😜

But for all my griping, I still feel people who take the time to write me little mini-essays deserve a proper reply.

They're misguided, not malicious.

The All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics produced some great concepts for modular components made out of recycled material, that snapped together to assemble things like kiosks and booths.

"Modular" was a big thing in '80s-era Soviet design, in both concept designs like this and things like urban planning.Too bad that all was cut short, because they were doing some very interesting things that would be much more functional than the consumerist approaches.

A smarthome concept that wasn't absolute hell: the mid-80s Soviet SPHINX project, based on the idea that there would be a central, modular PC and appliances in the house like the TV would connect to it via the LAN. Everything was designed to be easily-expandable or pared-down as needed. It was purely conceptual but the props looked cool as hell.

i kinda wish s had an extended alt text
my sight is pretty good but sometimes i really just can't make out whatever an emojo is supposed to be and its name is often unhelpful if you aren't immersed in whatever subculture it comes from

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Chess is trans culture because if a pawn survives all the way to the other side of the board it becomes a queen or a knight.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
– Mark Twain


this bun is an absolute unit. boost if you agree. boost if you disagree! reply if you're a "reply guy"!
a rabbit

"We've moved beyond the idea that women wearing pants is a problem. Women wearing pants is powerful, it's strong, everybody accepts it, and it's associated with the patriarchy, it's associated with being male. The minute a man puts on a dress it's disgusting, so what are you saying? Men are strong, women are disgusting? I'm not doing that anymore. I'm done with that. I'm a man in a dress and if I feel like wearing a dress I'm gonna wear one." - Billy Porter

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