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groundbreaking research unearths new evidence to support the revolutionary claim that "essentially, you don't need to be an asshole to be funny"

now the researchers are investigating whether the conjecture "and being an asshole doesn't improve your jokes either" is true, but they predict it is, and point to the heaps of empirical data that already supports the claim

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regular PSA to mark 18+ and stuff as such
not "kink", not "boobs"
an underage user who comes across your post on the federated timeline should know whether that content is safe for them or not
they won't know what your bdsm jargon means


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follow my very cool partner in crime:
ve does art and needs the pressure of having followers to improve even more πŸ˜›

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quick psa about my emoji usage
πŸ’™ : friendly, not romantic
❀ : probably romantic
so, if I toot a blue heart at you, it's not intended as romantic affection. I thought I should clarify that, since some people might feel uncomfortable with hearts being thrown at them.

anyw, that's it for tonight's sincereposting, goo night cuties.

that also requires keeping all kinds of interpersonal stuff in one's mind tho, and idk if i'm good at that.
well, actually i know i'm bad at it. i always forget stuff like that, even when i consider the other person important. i should learn to put in the mental work for others.

maybe people honestly telling you what they think of you is a luxury. there are certainly some people here whom i look up to because they can always express how they feel about others. in a positive way most of the time.

i'm not sure if this is something i'm ok with. there are certainly people that stopped following (or at least interacting with) me because i changed annnnd, idk, i valued their opinion when we used to interact and now maybe i'm trying to change because of that.

feels weird to read some old threads and realize i no longer interact with some people, not even out of any conscious choice (at least on my part), but just because the ebb and flow of the infocean separated our ships. or something.

general reminder to write image descriptions pls

fascism mention, propaganda 

So, it's #internationalmensday, apparently.

So I probably need to say something... uh...

Guys, I think I'd suggest to you that nobody truly has any say in what "being a real man" is.

Yeah, breaking news, motherfuckers.

You know what that means though?

Well, that means that if someone is picking on you, someone says, you're less of a man for whatever - for your looks, your tastes, your hair or lack thereof, your physical strength or lack thereof, your romantic preferences, your body, your emotionality or lack thereof, your caring or lack thereof, whatever else you are comfortable with and they aren't, know that they don't care about you, they are not your friends, and are trying to poison your life and play you for a fool.

The appropriate response to this type of brainwashing is not "well, you're probably right". The correct one is "SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU ANYWAY?".

Our life is statistically short, and there's just not enough time to listen to the bullies.

Love to cook? A lot of greatest chefs are male. Want to say "fuck work" and stay at home with your family? That's what good fathers do. Want to wear pink? Pink was THE male color back in 19th century, also fuckers wore stockings to boot, and in some countries men do wear skirts so tell them to, again, fuck off. Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and want to cry? Flood it, motherfucker. Want to ask for help? Shit, that's what friends are for, so let them know. Want to wear long hair? You have no idea how badass this feels. Think you might be gay? Well, that's about the most manly thing you can do.

Have a hunch that you might be losing your shit? No shame in seeing a shrink, they will set you right and then you're good to go.

Feeling an odd lump where it shouldn't be? RUN to the nearest doctor, and don't come back until they're through with you, you hear me?

Feeling you're not cut out for "being male"? Try a different role. It's all a tossup anyway.

sorry @ the people i've been unfollowing
1500+ follows is getting unmaintainable

re: misinformation 




one of the kids at school said one of the most gender affirming things today

we were all sitting in the lunch hall and the headteacher comes in and is like "can i have your attention ladies and gentlemen"

and this one kid turns and looks at me and says "...gentlewoman!"

she wasnt being mean or anything, she said it more thoughtfully like she suddenly realised that "ladies and gentlemen" was lacking somehow but she didnt have the vocabulary to articulate why

a beautiful poster from one of sister’s students dads who is a community organizer in the outer mission in sf.

I think trying to figure someone out is useful and good in so far as to be able to accomodate them and their needs but that doesn't detract or negate the sentiment

@ky0ko oh gosh I haven't thought about openmosix for a long time!

I think demonstrates that this could be done on a mainline kernel these days though!

your regular reminder that censoring words l*ke th*s is actively counterproductive because it bypasses the filters that people set up for themselves

to take an innocuous example, if i use filters to block the word "orange", and you write "or*nge", you have now ensured that i will see a post that i have explicitly tried to get out of my timeline

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