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groundbreaking research unearths new evidence to support the revolutionary claim that "essentially, you don't need to be an asshole to be funny"

now the researchers are investigating whether the conjecture "and being an asshole doesn't improve your jokes either" is true, but they predict it is, and point to the heaps of empirical data that already supports the claim

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regular PSA to mark 18+ and stuff as such
not "kink", not "boobs"
an underage user who comes across your post on the federated timeline should know whether that content is safe for them or not
they won't know what your bdsm jargon means


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follow my very cool partner in crime:
ve does art and needs the pressure of having followers to improve even more πŸ˜›

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quick psa about my emoji usage
πŸ’™ : friendly, not romantic
❀ : probably romantic
so, if I toot a blue heart at you, it's not intended as romantic affection. I thought I should clarify that, since some people might feel uncomfortable with hearts being thrown at them.


I'm a #biotech scientist and really like what I'm learning about the foss/anticapitalist communities here on mastodon. It's great people are taking tech into their own hands to help free up people from surveillance. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking of ways to do something similar in molecular biology, but the cost for R&D is astronomical, the applications for everyday consumers, not quite as straightforward.

Does anyone here own the "Moscow Nights" game compilation released only in Europe? It appears that a bunch of games it contains haven't been archived.

the internet is returning back to the point where search engines are useless for actually finding information

public libraries are welcoming folks back with open arms

parenting, kids television Chokanji V (BTRON implementation, in Japanese), along with Cygwin cross-toolchain and a few other things (BRIGHTV4500.ISO is bootable, CKV4540.ISO isn't)

you ever in that situation where someone tells you something but you can't respond because your brain hasn't done the 15 context switches necessary to load and initialize your speech subsystem?

My Plea if You Please

One litters the timeline
With things methinks fine.
Respond with a comment
If you are inclined.

A Like or a Boost
Don't feather my roost
But when you talk back
I get really juiced.


hey remember when youtube played in the background for free on ios and then they took it out and sold it back to you as a youtube premium feature and google was one of the most profitable organizations in the history of capitalism in the whole time

might start unironically submitting neo-luddite talks to software conferences

Highly recommended reading if you do Ops or DevOps.
Paraphrasing someone who commented elsewhere:
First I chuckled,
Then I nodded with increasing frequency,
Then I cringed,
Then I wept,
And finally I just dissolved in tears.
Ouch! I'm in this [picture] and I don't like it!
#DevOps and a bit of #infosec.

@dch @clacke @grainloom πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ not if you have a question that someone in a different time zone can answer, and you two just keep missing each other


@steph @abs
It's only present up to high-school. No idea how that happened.

From primary school to high school, it's:
1: insufficient / fail
2: passable
3: decent
4: good
5: very good
6: excellent

and 2 doesn't fail, only 1 does.

But in higher education (universities and such) it's:

2: fail
3: decent
4: good
5: very good

and sometimes also:
5!: very good factorial

@liaizon @clacke @grainloom I have a private irc server, yes.

I use unrealircd, which is under active development.

In general, when I hear "irc has drawbacks" that's all I hear, I never hear what they are, and if questioned, the person backpedals like _mad_ to get away from actually having to say they can't only use text to speak to others, they need to be able to post gifs and memes to express themselves.

Last time I tried to use Matrix, I was directed to Google Captcha. Fsck that.

I ran an xmpp server for a bit, but as the number of people using it was exactly 1, and that person was available on irc, I stopped wasting my time with that.

We use rocketchat at work, and I wish the admins would install the irssi support for it so I could have a proper interface, but... oh well (:

putting on some :trainpats: content so i don't feel weird due to the lack of visual stimuli but also don't watch anything too distracting.
learning time can be (an approximation of) train time too.

What if we saw our existing software not as the sources of our limits or invincible black boxes, but objects to be torn apart, interrogated -- like we were archaeologists, or newly free people running through the presidential palace.

@liaizon @clacke @grainloom IRC has several drawbacks. I find XMPP more interesting as a chat tool. If you install Yunohost on a VPS you get email and XMPP (with LDAP for users) with the base install. Really easy to install for Linux sysadmin starters, so that is not a threshold to hold one back. However, installing, configuring and maintaining an IRC server is harder.

Looking for relevant research:

Ride sharing/hailing services just got go-ahead to operate in Vancouver (BC, Canada). It's all over the news.

One thing I haven't heard much about: the potential environmental impact. Are there likely to be more cars on the roads/people choosing this over transit or biking? I expect research has been done on this sort of question...anyone know of any?

*pounding a table with a piggy bank until Pine64 lets me buy a PineTab already*

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