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regular PSA to mark 18+ and stuff as such
not "kink", not "boobs"
an underage user who comes across your post on the federated timeline should know whether that content is safe for them or not
they won't know what your bdsm jargon means


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btw if anyone wants to follow my lewd account: pm me
if i trust you enough i'll send a link

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follow my very cool partner in crime:
ve does art and needs the pressure of having followers to improve even more πŸ˜›

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quick psa about my emoji usage
πŸ’™ : friendly, not romantic
❀ : probably romantic
so, if I toot a blue heart at you, it's not intended as romantic affection. I thought I should clarify that, since some people might feel uncomfortable with hearts being thrown at them.

why doesn't my laptop have two mSATA connectors, I wanna try to do my homework on Guix using data from the Arch SSD

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oh my gosh. has such modern features like rendering numbers!!!! in base 10!!!!

I might still do a bit where I write all numbers in roman numerals, just for fun

not seeing numbers makes completely mundane posts a lot funnier


[redacted] thinking about how I turn [redacted] in exactly [redacted] weeks*


what do they have to hide. are they an ancient demon stuck on this mortal plane?

or, yknow, any numbers. besides the minutes in the timestamps. idk why that's the only one that's broken.

......maybe i should try instead of ?

oh no, it still doesn't work. how many more fonts do I need to install until the font goddess will let me see my beloved emojos?

i cannot fricking see numbers in Brutaldon, halp

oh fudge, what other fonts besides Google Noto do I install to make Icecat not suck? I can't even see the dates in Brutaldon.

Hey nerds, guess what. I swapped my SSD with the one I bought. And installed on it. Fonts are fucked in Icecat (eg. I can't see the # marks right now) but it's pretty weird and cool to be running it on my machine.
Gonna swap the Arch drive back in a bit though, since that has all my uni stuff.
Getting my emergency KeePass backup from Google Drive was also weird. But it works.

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imaginary person: but Rain, that would mean nearly all websites are bad!

well, imaginary person, idk what to tell you. most websites might indeed have room for improvement.

good is readable even without .

call that a hot take if you must but I stand by it. a good website works not only without JS but also without CSS. it can be ugly, but it should be readable.

I love how friendly and non-territorial the #racket IRC channel is.

People are discussing various Schemes and their features and someone says, before choosing your dialect, check out Andy Wingo's blogpost, Wingo being the lead developer on Guile, Racket's "competitor".

I've written scripts for scraping OOTS for offline reading before but it'd feel much better if there was an official way (and it'd save me debugging time)

thing that'd be cool:
an easy (possibly paid) way to download them for offline reading

books+shipping is too expensive for me but i'd gladly pay some munz for a nice way to have all issues of them for reading on the train

did you know: its actually ok to dislike someone because you had a disagreement with them or they behave in a way that you dont enjoy and you dont have to reverse engineer a political reason to dislike them or try to convert people to your side

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Open source is great because instead of having to understand cluttered and hard to parse docs I can just look at other apps that run on this platform.

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