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quick psa about my emoji usage
💙 : friendly, not romantic
❤ : probably romantic
so, if I toot a blue heart at you, it's not intended as romantic affection. I thought I should clarify that, since some people might feel uncomfortable with hearts being thrown at them.

Eris gets SOOO upset when i don't let them climb onto the keyboard

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Ever heard of Absolute Persistence, aka Compuware aka Lojack? This company, Absolute, has OEM partnerships with every laptop vendor (Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung...) and they get their shitty UEFI bootkit shipped with every system. The signed firmware can’t be altered because of Secure Boot so you’re stuck with it. But “don’t worry” because it’s not activated ...until it is.

The difference between this and “BadBIOS” is that this backdoor is real and in everything.

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Eve Online's solution to bots farming currency was genius on multiple fronts, they introduced an item that can be sold in the in-game market AND be used to pay for the game subscription.

This move:
- killed the black market/bot farming market entirely
- created a de-facto exchange rate between real world and in-game currency
- created an equalizing pressure between top-end and lower-end players (top-end can use in-game money to pay for their subscription, acting as a coin sink)

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So some sellers are charging $2600 for used books on Amazon.

You know what that is?

Going back in time to about ten years ago, Eve Online used to have the same in their in game market, items priced highly above market value. It was used by in-game currency miners to launder the money.

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cats are chaotic good thanks for watching like comment and subscribe,

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Gender half-shitpost/chronicles/idk Show more

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I really want an open-world game where the maps you find are vague and metaphorical, or designed for highly specific industrial purposes, or just compiled by people who didn't know shit about cartography, and it's up to you to judge them against each other as situations require

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It doesn't make for a popular headline, but this is an excellent example of EU following its commitment to human rights and, if necessary, using economic support as an incentive.

VoaCombodia reports Combodia has already sent officials to Brussels to lobby the EU.

Who stands to benefit if EU removes the country from EBA or, alternatively, accepts false reports and unreliable promises?

A situation well worth following in 2018.

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Mainstream media will not cover Cambodia as it did Russian sanctions and the recent trade war.

Still, consider that EU received 5 billion worth of export from Cambodia, mostly textile, in 2017* alone. Numerous EU companies benefiting from cheap clothing made under unacceptable labor standards.

*More details in EU GSP report from Jan 2018.

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This evening I got @naugeleh to point a camera at the multiperson acrobatic silliness we've been working on.

I'm the guy on the floor being simultaneously used as both a chair by @Avalon and a backrest by Scott.



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@emsenn @brennen

in Europe both genders often ride either frame style.

Older men often prefer the step through frame, its less hard on knees and joints to mount/dismount.

NL Prime Minister Mark Rutte (only 5 years older than me) found no shame in riding a "womens" frame bike for some years, though recently treated himself to a new Koga with stepover frame.

Some European designs compensate for the different frame types by using heavier tube (especially with ebikes that are popular now)

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@grainloom you must *only* claw onto a someone's nipples with *consent*

boost this if you think it's not ok to try to climb onto someone by clawing into their nipples

trying to prove a point to my cat

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@Tom @noiob all large electronics stores have semi-trained exorcists now, it's just part of the service requirements

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can’t wait to be woken up by a robot at 5am telling me to check my fucking printer for errors

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ok but consider: blobs playing hide and seek Show more

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@grainloom the bulk of the work is in the mobile app that shoots the video, not underlying platform. So it's a different category of developers you need to be asking this of...