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seeing the #redbubble models wear clothing with my aggressive leftist shit on them is so fucking GOOD ya'll.

The latest: #capitalism is a death cult

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i want a girl with a skateboard and a loooooooooooongboard


This message is brought to you by post surgical codeine

It’s 04:20, do you know where your children are ?

Imagine an AU where u are famous and at an already off puttingly formal party where you barely know anyone and you get introduced to the guy who is playing you in a biopic and he is a very over enthusiastic method-actor

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Ana and I have spoken out about the abusive treatment we & others (including my partner) suffered by the hands of Matilde Park. Our friend Emilie who was witness to a lot of this, has decided to also speak publicly

I'm not interested in screaming this for the rest of my days, just want to make sure I & other people victimized by her, are heard. Thank you to my friends who helped me feel safe so I could speak up in the first place & to all she has hurt:we are strong we are not alone

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abuse, matilde park, 8/? 

I'm so glad we are all still here, still alive, and here for each other and any others facing this type of abuse.

If you have been hurt, gaslit, demeaned, groomed, you can get out, you are strong and I believe in you.

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abuse, matilde park, 7/? 

The people that Matilde has hurt, attacked, abused.

We are many, this is not some bullshit about queer organizations oppressing trans women, enough of the fucking fear mongering.

We got fucking 8 or 9 or so queers out there talking about what shes put us through. There are more who are still too afraid of her to be public.

None of this is okay. We didnt deserve what she did to us.

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abuse, matilde park, 6/? 

She groomed me, she tried to groom my partner, she groomed Ana, she attacked Emilie for being my friend and caring for me, she attacked Amy for being my friend and caring for me.

The damage she has done to us is not EXCUSABLE.

She has REFUSED OUTRIGHT when pressed about her actions and her connections to a Nazi.

She has been banned from spaces in toronto for her actions and associations.

Spaces that help and support vulnerable trans women keep her as far as possible.

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abuse, matilde park, 5/? 

She groomed me, she cultivated friendship with regressives and nazis

She is close friends with Evelyn Park, who she pretends is a nobody in her blog post, why does she have to keep lying about this.

She talks to her constantly, she calls her Mother, she NAMED HErSELF AFTER HER. Evelyn Park is a known nazi who has caused harm to many trans women

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Pushing me and pushing me until I helped her do it, no matter how much it upset me and stood against what I care and stand for? That's harm.

Verbally assaulting me during developing a game with her? That's harm.

History of Lashing out at me, asking me what I think I "deserve" when shes upset with me? Instead of having a genuine considerate and healthy conversation? Thats harm.

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When she moved out (literally down the street from me btw) if she did not have a bathtub that isn't an excuse to stop surgeons recovery orders.

Sitz Baths are a thing, where you sterilize a container and soak in it, its what I WILL BE DOING MYSELF. It's surgeon approved! Her refusal to care for herself is not somehow me causing her harm, it just is fucking not.

Her putting an older and undocumented trans woman on the fucking streets, because she didnt like her? That's harm.

2/? actually

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Hey so

Matilde wrote a blog that devalues my agency & personhood. Smears me as a coward, calls into question my stability.

All I did was leave, yall. I have PTSD from the mental abuse, the emotional violence. I had to leave. She has been calling my phone for months. Texting too! All while telling everybody that I damaged her.

Let me clear up that while I was with her during recovery, she REPEATEDLY refused to listen to my concerns about possible infection, and refused to communicate with her doctor.

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Macaroni is plural. Disagree? The macaronus is on you to prove me wrong.

health, surgery 

i think i might have caught a cold from someone when i was doing the event at the RHA and also i am having top surgery in 10 days and FREAKING OUT

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Toronto citizens are concerned about the entry of Google's "smart city" subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, calling it "a colonizing experiment in surveillance capitalismattempting to bulldoze important urban, civic and political issues". #surveillancecapitalism #latestagecapitalism #communityorganizing

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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