i love mushrooms / am currently reading both ‘the mushroom at the end of the world’ and ‘arts of living on a damaged planet,’ so I was inspired to make a mushroom shrine with some thematic book/music recs.

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happy tdov! this is a piece including photos that were taken of my internal organs during my hysto. my surgeon said I had very healthy looking insides, haha

seeking cute playstation and N64 characters to join my low-polycule

i made a throwback neocities site using goth / occult sprites and old web content. i'll probably make more of these in the future!! I love old geocities / angelfire sites and am happy that so many people are interested in keeping these aesthetics alive :ok_hand_b2:

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it's been a while since I was active in the fediverse, so: hi! my name is dev, i'm in my late twenties and am trans masc / genderweird / androgynous; i live in new england and I like making weird collage art and occasionally zines. I'd love to meet other trans/queer people in particular, and feel free to add me. some of my interests include bitmap art, surrealism, noise/ambient music, the occult, leftist/revolutionary politics, and rodents :heart_cyber:

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Exploit Em All 2017
We Are Trash Network
410,757,864,530 LEAKED PACKETS

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