@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale hey you know what? The Funkwhale project actually hired Ginny for that. So feel free to open an issue explaining how you want this project to be less inclusive and more toxic on the sole fact that kindness and empathy could hurt your masculinity, my dude. I'll wait

@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale well, the project disaggrees with your obsolete and toxic ideas, and won’t tolerate them. So get over it

@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale yes. We even have written this in the code of conduct (funkwhale.audio/code-of-conduc), that applies to all contributors. People that don’t respect this code of conduct are not welcome in our community, and we will do anything to protect the people that actually want to work together with human values

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