Dear sjw, please do not ruin free and decentralized software. A freedom to use an instance is same as freedom not to use. If you don't want to listen 'rasist music' just create your own instance full of 'pony music'.

Funkwhale is a great project so let developers keep in mind all about security, high-performance algorythms and other engeneering stuff and not about trendy and shallow-brained sjw shit. Want to make something for project? Make pull request!


@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale hey you know what? The Funkwhale project actually hired Ginny for that. So feel free to open an issue explaining how you want this project to be less inclusive and more toxic on the sole fact that kindness and empathy could hurt your masculinity, my dude. I'll wait

@GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale
Problem is your thinking about toxic bla-bla-bla having 227 open issues about funtionality! Funkwhale is project i fall in love. I have some ideas on how to make it better and i will fix some issues (i mean real issues about code and not anout harming each other) as soon as i'll have some free time.

@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale well, the project disaggrees with your obsolete and toxic ideas, and won’t tolerate them. So get over it

@GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale
You really can to reject usefull pull request just because of it's author have different opinion?

@lambda_meadow @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale yes. We even have written this in the code of conduct (funkwhale.audio/code-of-conduc), that applies to all contributors. People that don’t respect this code of conduct are not welcome in our community, and we will do anything to protect the people that actually want to work together with human values

@lambda_meadow @gordon @GinnyMcQueen that's true, we absolutely don't care about your "contributions" if you are a jerk.

@lambda_meadow @funkwhale @GinnyMcQueen it’s free software. You can use it, but we have the right to apply our code of conduct to our community, which includes contributions. So, fork Funkwhale if you want, why should we care?

@lambda_meadow @gordon @GinnyMcQueen @funkwhale If you want to merge in PR's to your own instance, no one is stopping you. Most of the project, however, feels that preventing abuse is important functionality.

@gordon @funkwhale
I already read code of conduct and understood that this problem is matter for community. And it is ok. But in general this kind of instrument transforms in cencorship weapon. Hope it is not about funkwhale.

@lambda_meadow @gordon @GinnyMcQueen since you think abuse/harassment is not a real issue, you should use your free time to "help" another project.


Wait, wait, stop. Read this back. You care more about functionality of some software than not harming people. That's really rather fucked up, my guy.

Heck, if you feel so strongly about it, fork and make your own version that lets you hurt people as much as you want. I don't think anyone of note will use it.

I do not want to harm anyone. Harmfull content at this point of time is minor problem isn't it? As for me it is strange to spend developers time to problem which not critic for project yet.
I read some issues with tags i competent in and not found anything about filtering or banning harmfull content, but I think I am wrong and need to go to eye doctor - 1/2

Of course i will fork project cus i want to practice in WebAudio Api and funkwhale is a perfect project for experiments, but developers don't want PRs from shitty people like me. - 2/2

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