Please stop using Medium. We know how to make fucking self-controlled blogs for a while now. Medium is a monstruous regression

@gordon People use it for visibility, not much for the ease of use.


That's why we need blogs (and everything else in our digital world) to be part of the fediverse. Only way to defeat competition-based network effects is cooperative network effects!
@gordon Maybe do a blog post about it?
It’s been years since your last one. :D

@lanodan j'ai essayé plusieurs fois, je trouve plus le temps et l'énergie :/

@gordon oh oh, i would love to hear a rant on why i shouldn't use medium. i keep catching myself being like "maybe i should join medium"

@gordon @m455b consider: what will you do if medium deletes your article, as they have done e.g. when writing about ICE employees on LinkedIn? will you be backing up your posts elsewhere? are you ok with having someone else serve tracking code on your work?

using medium means that you can have the rug pulled out from under you at any time, in return for little-to-no benefit.

@gordon Both Plume and Write Freely are federated alternatives to Medium.

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