Petite Bouteille à la mer !
Est-ce que quelqu'un saurait me dire qui gère l'instance ?
Car bcp de gens l'utilisent, mais on trouve pas d'informations sur les propriétaires et leur éthique...

Repouets appréciés !

Reminder to CW your meta discourse.

Doesn't matter how important it is. It will be read under a CW too.

Please I want to be able to survive being on this platform when we're all Collectively Angry.

Let me introduce the brand new #Funkwhale Network page!

It's a magical place where you can:

- Browse data about the network
- Submit your instance for inclusion in the statistics

Collected data is made available at More dashboards will come in the future, but you can already have an idea of the number of instances, active users, and the growth!

If you own an instance, simply visit to have it included :)

Et donc ce super article c'est tellement ma life de tous les jours.
Au boulot, dans les assos où je suis... parfois même les amis.

C'est aussi pour ça que j'ai un peu du mal à me réjouir et sortir les cotillons quand il y a une bonne nouvelle.
Parce qu'on ne peut jamais baisser la garde.
Parce que c'est loin d'être sûr qu'on gagne à la fin.

Mais on lâche rien.


El periodo de incubación de los huevos de gato es de veintiún días, tras los cuales los gatitos romperán el cascarón y saldrán al exterior.
El milagro de la vida.

I have never visited a website with ads. I will boycott every company that tries to make me look at ads and you should too. Why aren't you? That's why these companies thrive is because people like you don't boycott them. Only go to ad free sites like me.

yes I live in a cabin in the woods, why do you ask

I'm going to highlight some of the changes in the release in a thread.

First of all, #Funkwhale Naomi includes three new exciting features:

- Storing displaying licensing information about uploaded tracks
- Embedding tracks and albums on third party websites via an iframe (and oembed)
- Transcoding of audio files to support a wider range of browsers and clients
- Instance-level controls to understand and change the way your instance federates with other instances and accounts

I'm laughting my ass off by reading the TL of @sophia !

She is probably the best FOSS advocate on the Fediverse.

This image was banned from Tumblr after review by a human staff member. Just so you know what Tumblr considers indecent.

#Funkwhale 0.18 “Naomi” is out!

And it's huge (check out the changelog if you don't trust me ;)

This release is dedicated to Naomi, an early contributor and beta tester of Funkwhale. Her positivity, love and support have been incredibly helpful and helped shape the project as you can enjoy it today. Thank you so much Naomi <3

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