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I hate that there's no good word processor anymore. GDocs is stuck in a browser, and makes actually owning your files a pain; LibreOffice is slow and buggy and ugly; MS Word is a subscription service; Apple Pages has some major bugs and isn't cross-platform.

Also, typing on a tablet just sucks. On my phone, I can type pretty fast with my thumbs. But on a tablet you either deal with a clunky oversized touch keyboard, or carry a keyboard with it. And at that point you might as well just use a laptop!

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I don’t really understand the point of the tablet today. It’s not as conveniently portable as a smartphone, and it’s not as powerful as a laptop. It just seems like the worst option for both use cases. The only thing I can do on a tablet that I can’t do on my phone is like, illustration, but that’s about it.

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it has come to my attention that there are people out there trying to learn about history from men in gamer chairs

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Watching Better Call Saul, and it’s always kinda jarring to me when they subtitle very basic Spanish. Like I get why, but being born and raised in Phoenix, I totally forget that people in other parts of the country don’t just know a bit of Spanish and regularly mix it with English

Today’s Existential Comics speaks to me deeply

and honestly even the "problematic" humor is very mild, it's mostly the sort of "haha ur gay" thing of the early 00s, which is lame but it's not like, offensive imo

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i've been rewatching classic red vs blue lately and like, obviously there's a decent bit of humor i don't think they'd want to use today (which is understandable, it's been over 20 years), but overall it's wild how well this show holds up

Spent the day porting my blog from being hosted on my site with Zonelets, to its own bearblog. This is a good move, because it adds features, reduces workload on me, and also uses the word bear. As a bear (read: big hairy queer person), I'm a fan.

One of my favorite parts of's massive bundles they do for charity from time to time, is that now when someone tells me "hey you should check out this cool indie game", there's like a 60% chance I own it already and just didn't know. It's seriously happened like 4 times in the past week


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